As someone who loves music and spends an immense amount of time listening to it, it’s hard to knuckle down and determine exactly which releases mean the most to me, but i’ve gone ahead and done that with some of 2019’s most outstanding albums.

5. Maggie Rogers – HEARD IT IN A PAST LIFE

Released in January of this year, it quickly became a classic album filled with hope and dreams and some downright bangers. This debut album from Rogers was an accumulation of years of writing, and the hard work really came across in every track. It debuted at number 2 on the billboard hottest 100 albums, and the catchiness of each song really cemented this album into many hearts. The universally relevant themes of heartache, feeling lost and generally just living in our current climate were portrayed so clearly, felt so deeply by Rogers and it all shone here.


Over the past few years, Billie Eilish has been cementing herself as a force to be reckoned with within the music industry, and her Debut album released in (April) is a clear indication that she knows what she is doing. Produced by her brother Finneas, this album is a celebration of how far the pair have come since Ocean Eyes, focusing on the darker themes of Eilish’s inner thoughts. From Bad Guy to ilomilo, every track on this album is a standout dripping with ease and I can’t wait for whatever comes next.

3. The Japanese House – GOOD AT FALLING

The long-awaited debut from Amber Bain’s musical project was accepted into open arms when released in March of this year. I vividly remember waiting in line all day for a show on the day it was released and just playing it on repeat. It’s an excellent break-up album, proving that writing about heart break is great when you do it well, and boy does she do it well. Released on Dirty Hit, she even managed to score some help from Matt Healy (the 1975) on the second last track, and there were moments in the album that genuinely took my breath away. After releasing 4 Eps between 2016 -2018, and waiting patiently for more, this album is exactly what I was hoping for.

2. Stella Donnelly – BEWARE OF THE DOGS

After being a fan of Stella’s since the release of her EP Thrush Metal in 2017, this Debut Album feels like a triumphant way of launching into the greater world of music, quirky lyrics and incredible band in tow. Stella’s been captivating audiences with many of these songs for years, and it’s really such a treat to see them all come to life in such an excellent way. Her unapologetic critique of so many types of people is entertaining and clever and it’s hard to imagine anyone else pulling off such an incredible display of craftsmanship. This album is extremely good and I will take that to the grave.

1. Julia Jacklin – CRUSHING

Anyone who knows me, knows I would die for Julia Jacklin. This album is a supreme showcase of songwriting. The lyrics are so completely astounding and profound, and then the instrumentation hold them up so completely without fault. Truly such an incredible release, which has touched so many people without losing any of the genuineness. Top album so far could not have been anything else.

This is an opinion piece, and we acknowledge that this is the opinion of one person, not the whole New Age Noise team.