New Age Noise Collective is excited to announce our first ever event: Parramatta in Retrograde!

Poster by Alyssa Yang and Alison Zhuang

The lineup has been curated carefully by the members of New Age Noise, highlighting the talents of several musical and visual artists who all identify as female, trans or non-binary. With DJs, live musical performances and art installations it’s not an event to be missed.

We are aware this event goes for a long time, so we will have snacks available! There are several restaurants located within a 5-10 minute walk, and the location is next door to North Parramatta McDonalds. There will be tap water, and we recommend people bring reusable water bottles. Since the event is all ages and the venue is not licensed, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

This event, designed to be accessible for all people of all-ages, is located in Parramatta’s Information + Cultural Exchange building, just a short walk from Parramatta Station.

courtesy of Google Maps

Parramatta in Retrograde is scheduled to take place from 12pm-6pm on 22nd June

Musical Lineup
In alphabetical order
Abbey G
con pani (DJ set)
Georgia Marley
Jennifer Hoepez (DJ set)
Lupa J
Mania Lowe
Okin Osan
squished cockroach (DJ set)

Visual Artists
In alphabetical order
Ailsa Liu
Imogen Gainsford + Pearl Junor
Lili Occhiuto + Tanwee Shrestha

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