Although our inaugural event Parramatta in Retrograde on this Saturday falls on a full moon, a moon in retrograde usually refers to the moon waning as is goes backwards. So in light of all the space cowboys ready to party at the heart of wild wild Western Sydney, we decided to consult our community’s resident astrologer Nicola Morton! Nicola reckons our event name is a misnomer and suggests that the West’s creative energies are going everywhere and anywhere but backwards!

Nicola is an Asian/Australian experimental artist, musician and organiser who loves playing with hardware and the paranormal. She is an ace facilitator for New Age Noise (fka All Girl Electronic) and inspires a lot of us to take fulfilling risks in music production, has helped us to develop our appreciation for deep listening & reminds us to keep it real.

While on an art residency in Indonesia, she says that people would always ask her “mau kemana”, which is “where are you going?” in Indonesian, and “dari mana?” which is “where are you going from?” and she would reply as a joke that she was from the Moon or that she was going to the Moon.

Thus we bring you the first fortnightly horoscope written by Nicola to be published on our site, with a complementary cosmic playlist to bring you closer to moons and planets as they pass through each zodiac sign. Yeehaw! :

❍ ♐ ❍ ♐ ❍ ♐ ❍ ♐ ❍ ♐ ❍ ♐ ❍ ♐ ❍ ♐ ❍ ♐ ❍ ♐ ❍ ♐

full moon in sagittarius: don’t look down trump is there: horror film fest

It’s your choice, don’t look down or confront the monsters – but both you can do in a creative way..
Moon in Sagittarius is the Trump Moon.
You will feel COMPELLED to deal with or ignore the monsters.
In the following days, Mars travels past the moon nodes into opposite
Saturn and Pluto. Mars opposite Pluto gives you the adrenaline junkie danger vibe while Mars opposite Saturn conjures a classic oppressed versus oppressor struggle.
As far as creativity goes, we had the June 10 Sun, Neptune and Jupiter,T, promising more than was possible but by June 23 we have the Venus, Neptune and Jupiter T, spinning some creative juices. I recommend a horror film fest!!

Channelling romantic grasses
into a disturbed technology, potential for change

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Nicola performing

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