New Moon in Leo, July 31st: You are a dancing ant (with a family) in the universe

This new moon in Leo decan 1, wants us to dance and be thankful for our ancestors. The new moon is conjunct Venus and square Uranus, making us crave affection but want independence in relationships all at the same time. ‘Alternative’ relationships, maybe ones that involve dancing will prosper. Try and be grateful for all your family offers because that and dancing is the gift of Leo decan 1; if you reject it, its only gonna niggle at you all month. Mercury in retrograde also ends August 2. Phew! Don’t throw your phone in the pool yet!!

● ♌ ● ♌ ● ♌ ● ♌ ● ♌ ● ♌ ● ♌ ● ♌ ● ♌ ● ♌ ● ♌ ● ♌ 

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