Full moon in Pisces: September 14th: Tortured Artist!! Tips??

What a full moon!! expect tears! yelling! tantrums. luckily the effect is not too long lasting (see end of text for dates). the traditional tension between Virgo and Pisces is exacerbated by the decan and the planets. An old reading of third decan pisces is a sad man full of evil thoughts lying with a woman with a donkey on top of her but a bird in her hand. Basically I’m reading this as a compromised/tortured artist, we got so much to say but things hold us down. Moon is opposite Mars which gives us a bratty vibe; Moon conjunt Neptune feeds our delusions and square Jupiter: means we might party/socialise all these feelings out.

I’ve come up with a list of activities that use more Virgo side and the nicer sides of Pisces.

  1. you might wanna try watching some journal flip throughs on youtube.. i prefer the ones with no talking lol.. or 
  2. get into a modular synth..or
  3. do some journalling yourself, if you are free writing try picking a phrase and then free writing on that (to avoid spiralling)
  4. Virgoans have lots of friends, so hang with your friends and hangover cures will feel the best
  5. try tiger eye crystals to protect you from the bad voices and get dreaming, pisces have a great connection to the collective consciousness.. add yr suggestions if your feeling it.

THE GOOD NEWS: Sep 18 Saturn moves in the right direction so you might finally get the accolades you deserve. and as the Sun, Venus and Mars moves into Libra, we get less about the plan and more about the party dress.– 

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