*Please note that every song cover art of course, belongs to each amazing artist mentioned. We’re just collaging hehe 💕

So, we’re already nearing the end of October, huh? This month has been tough for all of us but one thing that has gotten us through it all, has been music. So without further ado, here are some of our October music faves from the NANC gang:

  1. Nylon by Kllo

Every time I revisit Kllo’s music after resting my ears for a while, it hits me in a different way; this song in particular pulls my heartstrings, giving me twangs of sadness and contemplation. I love this track, and I’ll love it forever.

Listen to the track here on Spotify.

2. Hurts (feat. Louis The Child & Whethan) by Wafia

This one SLAPS- it’s so easy to sing along to, and it’s a classic relationship heartbreak song where the lyrics just scream “why are you so dumb, do better.” That’s all.

Listen to the track here on Spotify.

3. Light On by Maggie Rogers

Whenever I listen to this song, I feel super validated by it. Light On reminds me that even though I struggle a lot mentally, I have people who are supportive of me. Not only this, but it also reminds me to be supportive and check on others. And this month, there has been a lot of this. Oh, and the chorus is gives me this feeling of empowerment as well. Yay to happy vibes and creating safe spaces!

Listen to the track here on Spotify.

  1. Call It Down (feat. Cosima, Nadia Nair) by Kindness

This month has been a very tough one. It’s times like these where I am reminded about the importance of music – in its magical way of being able to reach inside you and help you make sense of whatever it is you’re dealing with. This song is so beautifully  tender and so assured. I can’t even begin to describe how much this song has helped me through this difficult month. It reminds me that I am so lucky to have the most wonderful people on this earth to call my friends.

Listen to the track here on Spotify.

2. American Boyfriend by Kevin Abstract

I recently rediscovered this song when it came on shuffle while I was on my way to work.  It’s just such a beautiful track. I can’t help but feel like I’m in some kind of John Hughes pivotal movie scene every time I listen to this song – complete with those angsty, yearning car rides into the sunset haha.

Listen to the track here on Spotify.

3. Warrang (feat. Shady Nasty) by Slim Set

What can I say. This is the collaboration that we all needed. Everybody say thank you.

Listen to the track here on Spotify.

Stay tuned for the rest of our October music faves next week. Big love 💕💕💕