As described on Triple J Unearthed, LÂLKA is the Brisbane-based producer/vocalist/musician creating gritty yet opulent electro pop. With her unique vocal style, LÂLKA combines PC-music vibes with hip hop influences to quickly cement her niche in the music industry.

Alongside artists like Rainbow Chan, Cutlery and much more, she is one of the incredible artists who will be performing at our event, New Age Noise: Saturn Return on the 15th of Nov!

Get to know her below in her conversation with NANC member, Jenny (Wytchings).

J: Hi! Can you please introduce yourself?

L: I’m LÂLKA. I’m a producer, vocalist and musician based in Brisbane.  

J: Can you please share the story behind your artist name, LÂLKA?

L: I like the way it looks. No deep meaning behind it.  

J: What is on your playlist right now?

L: Caroline Polachek’s new album Pang

J: So far, you have produced, directed and edited all your videos which is so sick! What has been your favourite video to create so far and why?

L: I love how Go Psycho turned out, even though on the day of filming I was pretty sick. My makeup artist and videographer did a fantastic job with makeup and lighting to hide the fact though! 

J: You’ve performed at BigSound 2019 and also at Charli XCX’s 1999 party. What was that like?

L: Charli’s party was hella fun! Probably the most fun gig I’ve ever played. BigSound 2019 was a good vibe, it was so nice to see people fill the rooms and dancing.  

J: Who are some artists on the rise that we should all keep our eye on?

L: Trophie 

J: Why did you decide to be part of New Age Noise: Saturn Return and what can we expect from your performance?

L: Lots of energy, lots of dancing. Oh, and Trophie  may or may not be making a guest appearance during my set. 😉 

J: Favourite music video?

L: Grimes’ Kill v Maim is sick. I love the gritty, punk gothy styling in it. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Taylor Swift’s Blank Space has such beautiful styling too – looks like a Vogue shoot.

Stream LÂLKA‘s latest EP, Bang Banghere.

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