From recently performing at Oscillations as part of Newtown Festival to Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre as part of art collective, XXXL (comprising of fellow NANC members, Liana and Lizeth by the way!), Okuesha is an artist to watch out for.

As recently highlighted in her interview with Information & Cultural Exchange, creating art and being a bonafide weirdo is what Lili does best (and one of the many reasons why we love her dearly in NANC).

In the lead-up to her performance at New Age Noise: Saturn Return on the 15th of Nov, fellow NANC members, Jenny (Wytchings) and Liana (Milkffish) ask Lili some questions with a twist! (Spoiler alert: it includes drawing!)

Jen: Can you please introduce yourself?

Lili: Hey there, I am Liliana Occhiuto (also known be the equally as difficult to pronounce pseudonym Okuesha Kills) and I am a sound artists who blends audio recordings with live instrumentation to create improvisational psychedelic jam tracks.

Jen: Can you please share the story behind your artist name, Okuesha?

Lili: To be honest the story is quite simple. My name was the results of me playing around with the letters in my last name to create a fun re-imagination of my name.

Liana: Draw something with your fave track that you’ve made in mind.


Liana: Draw something with the smell of flowers in mind.

Liana: Draw your ideal audience and your ideal creative collaborator.


Liana: Draw yourself and your stage outfit if you were to turn back time and perform at Woodstock.


Jen: Why did you decide to be part of New Age Noise: Saturn Return and what can we expect from your performance?

Lili: I decided to take part in this performance in order to pay my dues and show my respect to a collective that I truly love. I also joined because I love music, I love performing and I love being in a safe space to experiment with my craft. For the gig – expect noise. Expect a lot of noise. Expect guitar, vocal wailing and me wearing clothing of some description.

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Drawings by Lili Occhiuto and photography of Lili by Jennifer Andrade & Stephanie Barahona.