New Age Noise Collective is comprised of a community of artists and creatives who were either born, live and are based in Sydney. Our ethos is to encourage young trans, non-binary and female-identifying individuals in the Western Sydney music community who feel overwhelmed by the male-dominated music scene. We aim to create more opportunities for non-cis male artists to perform live, have their music distributed, and feel part of a nourishing and appreciative community. The collective is also made up of these demographics, as we foster our own skills in project management, event booking, web design, label management, content creation and much more.

The Collective is an initiative of Arts and Cultural Exchange (ACE). The Parramatta-based organisation has been dedicated to developing Western Sydney artistic communities since 1984 through the creation of professional pathways, the provision of media and art workshops, and the development of relationships with other institutions including the Art Gallery of NSW, the MCA, the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences and MusicNSW.

Photo by Georgia Ginnivan, florals by Kodi Graham