2020: Year of the Moon Action Hero | A reading by Nicola Morton

This year is DRAMATIC! There are lots of twists and turns and u-turns before we not only get out alive but SAVE THE WHOLE WORLD!! This year has more than average transits = more than average earth shaking change. For those on my moonpsychics mailer, you know we have already passed:✨Jan 10 Lunar Eclipse in … Continue reading 2020: Year of the Moon Action Hero | A reading by Nicola Morton

New Age Noise: Saturn Return

New Age Noise: Saturn Return is a night of experimental electronic music at Knox Street Bar as part of Sydney’s EMC Festival (2019 Electronic Music Conference). ‘Saturn Return’ is programmed by New Age Noise Collective, who have curated a phenomenal lineup that features some of Australia’s most captivating artists in an all-ages, one-night-only show. Saturn Return will be held at … Continue reading New Age Noise: Saturn Return

A Conversation with LÂLKA

As described on Triple J Unearthed, LÂLKA is the Brisbane-based producer/vocalist/musician creating gritty yet opulent electro pop. With her unique vocal style, LÂLKA combines PC-music vibes with hip hop influences to quickly cement her niche in the music industry. Alongside artists like Rainbow Chan, Cutlery and much more, she is one of the incredible artists who will be … Continue reading A Conversation with LÂLKA

Moon Reading Playlist – New Moon In Virgo

Reading by Nicola Morton // Playlist by Lizeth Mendoza New moon in virgo: Aug 30: The colours of pomegranates and your wardrobe A good new moon in virgo, the film for this time is Serge Parajanov’s “The Color of Pomegranates.” its a time to think about your collections of colours and thoughts.. Moon trine Uranus suggests radical … Continue reading Moon Reading Playlist – New Moon In Virgo