Video by Jennifer Andrade

Alessandra (she/her) is the social media guru of the collective! She oversees all social media content and helps plan and upload our content. She is currently studying a degree in Commerce & Media, and hosts a podcast called General Admission. Alessandra is excited for New Age Noise to make music accessible for anyone, and to help young people see that making music is an achievable goal.

Alison (she/her) has been helping out with artist liaison! Communicating with visual artists and having that streamlined has been very important! Outside of NANC she is studying a Bachelor of Music/Media (Screen and Sound Production).

She also produces music under the name artison.

Alyssa (she/her) is an essential part of the collective, having played a huge role in the various design projects of the team, and excited to learn other aspects of event management. She has a huge love for community and spends a lot of time nurturing friendships and relationships.

She also creates music under the name F3TiSH.

Georgia (she/her) is one of our primary website developers! She is very excited for the opportunity to reach out to young people and show them that musical careers are achievable. She has graduated from a Bachelor of Music, and finds her time outside of New Age Noise is best filled listening to records and knitting jumpers.

She also creates music under her own name, found here.

Grace (she/her) is looking forward to working on the nitty gritty of relationship building & publicity. In her spare time, you can find her watching the films of Celine Sciamma, messing around with Ableton, or reading about the intersection of Silicon Valley and politics.

Jenny (she/her) is one of our incredible project co-managers! She’s very excited to learn the inner-workings of event management, and loves the community New Age Noise has fostered. Jenny enjoys teaching herself new skills, and is constantly harbouring new creative thoughts and ideas, especially related to themes of identity and nostalgia.

She also creates music under the name Wytchings.

Jessica (she/her) has been instrumental in our communication with our artists! She is dedicated and passionate in making sure that everyone’s needs are met, and ensure everyone feels safe and respected working with us! Outside the collective she enjoys eating palak paneer and samosas in bed.

She also creates music under the name Taruna.

Jennifer (she/her) is our primary videographer, focusing on filming & editing video content. Other than sleeping, Jennifer spends her time outside the collective watching & creating videos, reading, and hanging out with her dog! Sometimes she even likes to paint a little bit, just to keep things interesting.

Liana (she/they) is one of our brightest thinkers. They help out in the collective by presenting new ideas, and keeps us in check with our values! Outside of our little collective they work with children, and hope to get into music or art therapy.

They also create music under the name Milkffish.

Liliana (she/her) is one of our content producers, and has many ideas on how to launch our collective out into the world the best way! She’s excited to empower non cis-men in music and appreciates the passion New Age Noise is driven by. She loves B-grade films, and creating art.

She also has a musical project in the works under the name Okuesha.

Sol (they/he) is another of our project co-managers. They are interested in the distribution side of music, and really value New Age Noise as a non-hierarchical safe space for them to be appreciated and understood.

Sol is extremely into food, and runs a foodie Instagram demonstrating their deep love for a good meal.

Steph (she/her) is one of our project co-managers, but is interested in exploring every role the collective has to offer! She has studied a Bachelor of Arts, and has also interned at the Sydney Morning Herald. Outside of New Age Noise she enjoys spending her time immersed in a variety of creative pursuits, including reading, writing, watching films and of course creating music.

Her music can be found here, and her writing here.

Special Thanks

Lizeth Limòn (she/her) is the newest edition to the New Age Noise Collective. She hasn’t been here long, but already her voice is helping us to make more informed and inclusive decisions for the collective. We’re so excited to see her grow into her role here.

Sara Tamim (she/her) has been instrumental to the collective in terms of making connections and providing industry advice. Sara has (sadly) left the collective to focus on her position at Universal Music, and the creation of her own music under the moniker Tru’. Everyone in the collective appreciates and thanks Sara for her work for us & will miss her dearly.

Morgan Graham (she/her) is the invisible mother duck of the collective, facilitating every meeting and acting as our support for any issues that arrive within and without the collective. She is dedicated to creating change for the better within the community and has an overwhelming love for astrology and horoscopes. We don’t know what we’d do without her.

All photos by Jennifer Andrade or Stephanie Barahona